Geek Out Challenge – Day 26

If you’re anything like me, Disney movies have played a huge part of your childhood and beyond, so for today’s Geek Out Challenge question we are discussing our favorite Disney movies. I grew up during the Disney renaissance of the 90’s beginning with The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast going into the Pixar era through today, where both Star Wars and Marvel movies are under the Disney umbrella.

Favorite Disney movie?

The Lion King

Most likely the Disney movie I watched the most as a kid; I was 8 when The Lion King was released in theaters and remember my parents finally bringing my brother, cousin, and I to go see it. I was obsessed with this movie and remember having everything Lion King at home, from toys and coloring books to pajamas and bed sheets. I had the cassette tape of the soundtrack that I would play on a little radio beside my bed at night and remember the instrumental track “…To Die For” (played during the wildebeast stampede in the movie) scaring the hell out of me. Of course, I played the Lion King game on Sega Genesis nearly every day too! While the story of the movie has been dismissed as simply “Hamlet with animals”, the movie is a classic with memorable characters that I still enjoy watching. I have not yet watched the live-action(well…kinda) remake that was released earlier this summer, but plan on doing so soon.

I could make an entire list just of Disney movies that I loved as a kid(and STILL do), but The Lion King would have to be my favorite. What’s your favorite Disney movie? Let me know in the comments below. Counting down our last week of the Geek Out Challenge, see you tomorrow and Hakuna Matata…