#MaybeInMarch – Fighting Back(log)

Last month, Kim from Later Levels and Solarayo from Ace Asunder challenged us to embrace your backlog of games and share your love for all things video games. One of the questions posed within was asking which game has spent the longest in your backlog with encouragement to dust off that old copy of <insert game> sitting on your shelf or in your Steam library and give it a go during the month for the #MaybeInMarch tag. For the month of March I intend to focus on some of the games that, despite having played anything from a few minutes to multiple hours, I have never been able to complete. Most of the oldest games in my backlog aren’t necessarily lengthy, so I’ve picked three games that I’ve never beat, but plan on devoting some time to playing.

My three #MaybeInMarch selections…

Dynamite Headdy – Sega Genesis

My copy of the game I’ve had since getting it from a Kay-Bee Toys as a kid

One of the questions in last month’s #LoveYourBacklog prompt asked which game has spent the most time in your backlog. It would be either of two Sega Genesis games – X-Men or Dynamite Headdy. I have never managed to beat either game, X-Men is very unlikely to finish anytime soon, so I will be dusting off my copy of Dynamite Headdy and attempting to beat the game after roughly 25 years. I remember the game being a moderately difficult action-platformer, it’s made by Treasure after all, so I’m curious to see how it goes after all this time. The premise is interesting – a limbless, neck-less puppet named Headdy defeat King Dark Demon and save the world by attacking enemies and items by firing his disconnected head at them. I played the game quite a bit as a kid but could never get past the fifth(or so) level, right around a level titled Stair Wars. I’m determined to get to the end of the game this time around…

Crash Bandicoot – PlayStation

Had this copy for close to twenty years now without ever completing the game…

Platformers have always been my go-to video game genre ever since playing the Super Mario Bros. games on the NES as a young kid. Over the years there have been a number of company “mascots” starring in their own platforming adventures striving for some comparable level of success as Mario – Sonic the Hedgehog, Bubsy, Spyro the Dragon. One of the more successful characters of the early-3D platformers of the mid-90’s was Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot who first appeared on the Sony PlayStation back in 1995. I never played the Crash Bandicoot games as much as say, Mario games due to opting for a Nintendo 64 over the PlayStation, but I really enjoyed the games when I finally came back to catch up on some of the PS1 games that I had missed. The Crash trilogy of games on the PS1 have a reputation of being challenging platformers and having just recently spent some more time playing the first game, it’s definitely warranted. Many of the levels require great precision as you often find yourself running to or away from the camera, along with traditional side-scrolling levels. I’ve never made it more than about halfway through the first Crash game, but I’m roughly 3/4 through it at this point and feel reasonably confident I can see the end credits on this one.

The Legend of Zelda – NES*

*Don’t currently have a NES, so I’ll be playing this on my NES Classic…

Despite having known of the Legend of Zelda games since I was a young kid – I can still remember playing the first two games on the NES at a cousin’s house when I was about 4 or so, I have finished relatively few of the games in the series. I had always enjoyed the games well enough, but it wasn’t until I got my own copy of Ocarina of Time on the N64 and played that I finally felt like I “got” what others loved so much about them. Zelda 1 and 2 had always been a little intimidating as most of my experience playing them had always been frustrating due to the difficulty and the fact they seemed very, very cryptic about what to do and where to go versus the linear, left-to-right on screen path playing Mario games. I’ve come back to play the first Zelda game a few different times over the years, but have never stuck with it long enough to make my way through Death Mountain and defeat Ganon. It’s time to change that, wish me luck…

In a blog post from a few weeks ago, I mentioned some Nintendo franchises celebrating milestone anniversaries this year and a game from each respective series that I’d like to complete before the year is out. Should I manage to finish the above mentioned games, there’s still plenty games like Metroid: Other M or Donkey Kong for the Game Boy that I could get started on – Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in acknowledging these series’ anniversaries, but I’m still gonna play them. I had also listed Skyward Sword as one of the games I aim to finally play through, but the upcoming HD port coming out in July means I just may wait until then so I can just play the game from the convenience of my Switch rather than the Wii. There’s also the hope that some elements of the game may be a little more streamlined with the new version of the game, similar to the HD remasters of Majora’s Mask or Wind Waker.

Is there a game you’ve had forever and haven’t gotten around to finishing? If so, what game? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

2021 Nintendo Anniversary Challenge

Nintendo as a company has existed since 1889 and has celebrated a number of milestones on its way to becoming the richest company in Japan. This past year marked the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. which made the portly plumber Mario the most significant character in video game history. Nintendo, for whatever the reason, chose to commemorate the occasion by releasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which contained HD ports of Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy, as well as the free-to-play battle royale game – Mario 35 as timed exclusives on the Nintendo Switch, which will only be available until the end of March.

Another notable Nintendo series celebrated its 30th anniversary this past year – Fire Emblem. The very first Fire Emblem game, which until then had only been available in Japan, was released as yet another timed exclusive for the Switch.

As we begin a new year in 2021, there’s a number of long-time Nintendo franchises that will have significant anniversaries, starting with the 40th anniversary of the original Donkey Kong. It will also be 35 years since the arrival of The Legend of Zelda and Metroid series, two games which have gone on to influence countless other video games in many ways. Along with the aforementioned franchises, 2021 will mark the 25th anniversary of Pokémon Red & Green being first released in Japan, resulting in a cultural phenomenon simply called, Poké-mania at the time.

Over the course of the past week, I came up with yet another quest to complete before the year is over – to finish at least one entry from each of the big Nintendo franchises celebrating anniversaries this year – Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Pokémon. Of course, there are many more game series with significant dates in 2021 such as Castlevania or Street Fighter, but for the impact that Nintendo games have had on my own life, as well as to keep this list relatively short, I will focus on a select few for the time being. Here’s just a few of the Nintendo games I have never finished that I WILL see to completion over the course of the year…

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong made his gaming debut on July 9, 1981 in Japanese arcades(with North America a few weeks later) and this July will mark the 40th anniversary of Nintendo’s gargantuan ape mascot. DK was considered one of the grandfathers of gaming, and had faded from prominence before being rejuvenated by Rare in 1994 with the SNES classic – Donkey Kong Country. Another DK game released the same year that went very much under the radar was the Game Boy game simply titled Donkey Kong. I had always been under the assumption the game was simply another port of the arcade version of Donkey Kong. This is not completely inaccurate as the first few levels of the game replicate the arcade classic, but following the completion of the initial levels the game features a number of puzzle-platforming levels one would understandably have no awareness of. One of the other few DK games I have not played is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, though I do not currently own the Gamecube or Wii version of the game(Bongos either) and decided to throw an original Game Boy game into the mix…

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was first released on February 21 1986 for the Famicom Disk System in Japan, before being released the following year in North America and Europe. I’ve known of the Zelda games my entire life – being born only two months prior to its initial release, but had played the two NES releases only a few times. For the longest time I was a little intimidated by the franchise and it’s legion of rabid fans and it wasn’t until Ocarina of Time was released on the Nintendo 64 that I felt like I truly “got” what made the games beloved by so many. I have played every mainline Zelda game ever since that time(not including the infamous CD-i releases – The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon), but have only completed about half of them.

I got Skyward Sword back when it was released in 2011and have only ever made it about three or so hours into the game. I enjoyed it well enough, but I got to the first dungeon(I think?) and then just…kinda…wound up playing something else. I’ve always heard how good some of the later dungeons and areas are, but like myself, many others have stated how the pacing of the game is pretty slow, especially in the beginning of the game, which starts with an extended tutorial. I fully intend to play through Skyward Sword in its entirety by the time November rolls around, which will mark ten years since its release.


The 35th anniversary of Samus Aran’s first appearance on the Famicom Disk System will be August 6, 1986. I’ve loved the Metroid games ever since first playing them as a kid, with Super Metroid and Metroid Prime being two of my all-time favorites. Being arguably my favorite of Nintendo’s main franchises, I plan on playing through every Metroid game over the course of the year, yes I’m even gonna play Metroid Prime Pinball…

One of the more…divisive games in the series is Metroid: Other M – Nintendo and Team Ninja’s 2010 release for the Wii. The prospect of Tecmo’s Team Ninja developing a third-person Metroid game sounded intriguing, but it has since gone on to be considered one of Samus’ lesser outings due to the inconsistent gameplay as well as her characterization. Similar to Skyward Sword, I’ve played the game a few times, but have never finished it. I’m curious to see if the disdain towards Other M is justified once I finally finish the game; I’ve played it enough to know not to expect anything close to the experience of playing the Metroid Prime games, but surely there’s something to appreciate about it…right?


February 27 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the very first Pokémon games – Red & Green, being released in Japan in 1996(North America was not until 1998), thus beginning Poké-mania. I can still vividly remember getting my copy of Red as a kid and playing on my Game Boy Color and spent endless hours after that collecting, battling, and evolving Pokémon. I played Pokémon Red and Gold, but after that ended up missing a generation or two, playing only Diamond and then Y before playing Pokémon Shield after it was released on the Nintendo Switch. I still have not played any of the Gen 3(Ruby/Sapphire), 5(Black/White), or 7(Sun/Moon) releases. I do, however have a copy of Omega Ruby for my 3DS that I will be working on in my spare time. With as many mainline releases and spin-offs as there are for the Pokémon games, I wouldn’t have to look too far for something I haven’t played yet. I’d still like to eventually give Pokémon Black a try, as well as checking out New Pokémon Snap when it’s released for the Switch on April 30.

I will also take this opportunity to mention that a special Pokémon retrospective event organized by fellow blogger NekoJonez is set to go live on February 27 to commemorate the series’ 25th anniversary. I will be taking part in the collaboration as well as a number of other trainers bloggers, so keep an eye out for that within the next month.