10 Awesome Video Game Weapons

Lancer – Gears of War(series)

Part assault rifle, part chainsaw. The Lancer is a pretty straightforward weapon and comes in a few variations, but it’s consistently awesome in providing both medium and close-range attacks. You can fire away from behind cover, but also rip through any enemy locusts that get too close for comfort.

Sonic Amplifier – Overwatch

When not operating as a freedom fighter with Overwatch, Lúcio Correia dos Santos spends his time as a musician, giving back to his community in Brazil. His weapon of choice is the Sonic Amplifier, acting as essentially a subwoofer-gun which fires four-round bursts as well as the Soundwave ability which provides a small shockwave to push back enemies. As Lúcio is one of my mains in Overwatch, I was definitely going to include his trusty Sonic Amplifier.

Farsight XR-20 – Perfect Dark

In a game with a great many memorable weapons, the Farsight XR-20 from Perfect Dark would have to be my favorite. An infrared sniper rifle/rail gun that can headshot a guard through a wall from across the area is never NOT going to be awesome. In multiplayer matches, my favorite technique was to find a Farsight and barricade myself in the far room at the back of the ‘Felicity’ map. The room acts almost like a closet at the end of a wide hallway, meaning no one was ever going to get the jump on you.

Hedgehog Grenade – Resistance(series)

A simple frag grenade isn’t usually the most flashy piece of equipment to use on the battlefield, but is nevertheless effective. The Hedgehog grenades from the Resistance series of FPS games may not look as over-the-top as some of the weapons in Insomniac’s other games(later in this list, for example), but you will very briefly see the spikes protrude from the grenade similar to a puffer fish before detonating. You’ll also hear a noticeable “splat” before viewing whatever remains of the person who got too close to one. This is one my first memories when reminiscing about playing multiplayer in Resistance games; of course, me typically being the one running into hedgehog grenades.

Cavaliere – Devil May Cry 5

Capcom’s Devil May Cry games have always been about action, both stylish and bordering on over-the-top absurd, so of course using a motorcycle as a weapon should come as no surprise. Dante receives this new toy after defeating Cavaliere Angelo a little over halfway through the game and it quickly became my favorite weapon in the game. The Cavaliere has two forms – the first being slightly more…conventional(?) as Dante is able to simply drive around an area in its motorcycle form dealing damage to nearby enemies. The weapon’s second form, however, splits the Cavaliere into twin buzzsaws which can inflict huge damage. The twin buzzsaw form is a relatively slow attack, but quickly became my favorite to use in areas with multiple enemies.

Hookshot – The Legend of Zelda(series)

You could argue whether the Hookshot is an actual weapon or more of a tool; either way, it’s been a mainstay in Link’s repertoire since the 90’s. Anything that let’s you shoot a metal hook and reach high ledges as well as take out those incredibly annoying Octoroks is a worthy inclusion on this list!

Saw Cleaver – Bloodborne

One of two starting “trick” weapons in Bloodborne, the Saw Cleaver is as grisly and visceral a weapon as it looks; you can utilize either the default “saw” mode – which allows a number of quick, short range attacks without taking too much stamina, or the “cleaver” mode which extends the blade, resembling a giant straight razor. The cleaver mode requires more stamina to attack but has the ability to strike multiple enemies, should you find yourself facing more than one grotesque beast at once. May the good blood guide you, hunter…

Groovitron – Ratchet & Clank(series)

Though not as grisly or intimidating as other weapons on the list, the Groovitron is not only my favorite weapon from Ratchet & Clank’s entire series of awesome weapons, but ranks among my favorite tools of destruction in any video game. As the mirrorball appearance may imply, tossing a Groovitron into a group of enemies will cause a bad case of disco fever and while the nearby enemies are dancing away, the bomb detonates, leaving plenty shiny bolts for Ratchet to stroll over and collect.

Gravity Gun – Half-Life 2

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, or gravity gun, has become nearly as recognizable a trademark weapon in the Half-Life games as Gordon Freeman’s red crowbar. A relatively simple, but effective weapon, allowing you to lift a number of items, large or small and fire them at enemies or objects. I fell in love with the gravity gun since the very first time I used it, firing saw blades and slicing headcrab zombies in half(-life)…

Blades of Chaos – God of War(series)

The vicious Blades of Chaos bestowed upon Kratos by Ares in exchange for his service, the signature blades are connected to chains which have been seered into his forearms, as a symbol of his debt to the god of war. The Ghost of Sparta is able to take down hordes of enemies by swinging these around or to hurl one of the blades towards an enemy or object and pull it to him, similar to the Hookshot in Zelda games. I cannot overstate how awesomely badass the Blades of Chaos are, and was beyond excited to receive these in the most recent God of War game.

These are just ten of the awesome weapons used in video games, there are many, many more examples that I will most likely think after posting this. What are some of your favorites? Let me know. Thanks for reading!