Super Mario 3D All-Stars – First Impressions

It's been a week since the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection was released for the Switch after Nintendo made the suprise announcement only a few weeks prior. I woke up to the social media frenzy caused by the announcement as rumors had been circulating for what seemed like an eternity that Nintendo was planning on … Continue reading Super Mario 3D All-Stars – First Impressions

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – DK Adventure

The Game I purchased Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle back in 2017, as a discounted Black Friday pickup. I thoroughly enjoyed the Ubisoft's odd concoction of Mario characters, turn-based strategy and Rabbids, so I was intrigued to hear Ubisoft was releasing a DLC expansion featuring Donkey Kong. DK Adventure was released on June 26, 2018 … Continue reading Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – DK Adventure

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – First Impressions

The long wait is over and Luigi's Mansion 3 has finally arrived! Fans of the oft-forgotten Mario brother(aren't we all?) will join in celebrating the release of Nintendo's premier ghost-busting title. I've been playing the game since it released a couple days ago and was excited to share some of my initial impressions of the … Continue reading Luigi’s Mansion 3 – First Impressions

Thoughts on 9/4 Nintendo Direct

Earlier this evening at 5pm(CST) Nintendo broadcast another of its Direct presentations. Speculation about a September Nintendo Direct had been circling around social media for a few weeks before it was announced that a 40-minute Direct presentation was indeed happening, this brought upon a wave of speculation(with a dash of skepticism). It had been announced … Continue reading Thoughts on 9/4 Nintendo Direct