Geek Out Challenge – Day 28

Our Day 28 topic for the Geek Out Challenge finds us discussing our favorite movie soundtracks. A good soundtrack can add an extra sense of tension or emotional resonance when accompanying a movie, with some movies being memorable mostly for their soundtrack. For this challenge question I’m referring primarily to original score as part of a movie’s soundtrack versus a compilation of songs played alongside the movie, something like Forrest Gump which spans decades and features a large assortment of popular songs or pretty much any Quentin Tarantino movie’s eclectic array of songs kinda seems like cheating. Here’s my completely unique and original pick, here we go….

Favorite movie soundtrack?Star Wars

And here we are….yet another post where I talk about Star Wars(surprised, huh?). With honorable mentions being most any Disney movie from The Little Mermaid and on through the 90’s, I still find it hard to come up with movie soundtracks without immediately thinking “Star Wars!”. One of the most identifiable musical scores in movie history, the Main Title march that plays over the opening crawl is instantly identifiable even if you’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies(such humans DO exist, I know several of them). Other highlights of the soundtrack include Binary Sunset, which plays as Luke views the setting of the twin suns on his home planet of Tatooine, or the heroic Throne Room that plays at the end of Star Wars – A New Hope as Han and Luke(but not Chewbacca, wookies are second-class citizens I guess?) receive medals for their victory in destroying the Death Star. And of course, I can’t go without mentioning the Cantina Theme that famously plays as Luke and Obi-Wan enter the Mos Eisley Cantina; it’s also the current ringtone on my phone 😉

For the sake of brevity I will refer solely to the soundtrack of the original Star Wars, though EVERY Star Wars movie has a great soundtrack. Other tracks from Star Wars movies that I also love would be the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back which is used as Darth Vader’s theme, featuring a very Wagnerian heavy brass section as well as Duel of the Fates from Episode I: The Phantom Menace, quite possibly the best thing the movie had going for it…

I could write an entire blog post just on music from the Star Wars movies that I love; composer John Williams has orchestrated some of the greatest and most beloved musical scores in movie history, from Star Wars and Jurassic Park to the Indiana Jones and Harry Potter movies. John Williams’ scores are so great, he only needed TWO NOTES to make Jaws absolutely terrifying! Other movie composers that always provide wonderful music would be Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman, but now I’m getting off topic and starting to ramble. In short, my favorite movie soundtrack – Star Wars

I apologize for getting this out a bit later than I intended, but plan on wrapping up our Geek Out Challenge right on schedule! What’s your favorite movie soundtrack? How about your favorite movie composer? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll see you tomorrow!