Trophy Hunters: Final Fantasy XV – Final Episode

I finally did it! It took me a bit longer than expected at 75 hours, but I finished unlocking every trophy in Final Fantasy XV. My last trophy progress post was about a month ago, so that prediction of “a week or two to get the rest of the trophies” was a little short-sighted. The remaining trophies were the ones requiring the longest amount of time to complete – 80 sidequests and maxing out the fishing, survial, cooking, and photography skills. Of course, had I played nothing other than FFXV I likely would have finished this sooner, but there were detours through Monster Hunter, Bugsnax, and Ratchet & Clank on my recent platinum trophy quest. Let’s see what took almost another 40 hours after seeing the end credits to finish up, shall we?

Angling Expert

  • Reached maximum fishing level

This was the final trophy in my way to the platinum. I had finished everything else, so it was pretty relaxing to sit back and do some fishing. I decided to sit on the dock at the Vesperpool northwest of Lestallum, which usually contains plenty of fish, so levels 8-10 didn’t take long at all…

Photo Expert

  • Reached maximum photography level

I had unlocked and leveled up Prompto’s Snapshot ability pretty early on in the game, which provided more pictures after every battle and made this the first(and probably easiest) of the party to reach skill level 10. After many hours of playing, I have an entire album of memories saved from the party’s adventures across Eos.

Cooking Expert

  • Reached maximum cooking level

I may have reached level 10 in Ignis’ cooking skill a little sooner had I decided to set up camp more often, rather than staying at the various hotels across the land. I’d usually stop at one to save my progress and cash in any XP previously acquired. To cover the last couple skill levels unlock the Cooking Expert trophy, I only needed to spend a little while at my campsite cooking up batch after batch of ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’ from the many, many Luncheon Meats I had picked up in Lestallum.

Survival Expert

  • Reached maximum survival level

This was probably the most annoying(and time-consuming) trophy to get. Gladiolus’ Survival skill is only raised by traveling on foot – not camping, items used or anything else, ONLY walking or running across the map. I ended up setting out on a trek from Lestallum in the northwestern corner of the map all the way down to Galdin Quay at the southeastern part of it, only to more or less repeat the process a couple times to FINALLY unlock the trophy. Compared to the other skills, this one takes forever. One of my favorite aspects of FFXV was being able to kick back with the boys and ride around Eos in the Regalia while listening to the music from a range of different FF games. However, the fact I had to travel nearly everywhere by foot to get this trophy is pretty disappointing. I had a lot of fun playing through the game, but this wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable part of the experience.

Weaving a Tapestry

  • Completed 80 sidequests

I’d been chipping away at all the sidequests in the game since the early chapters, which made this a little bit easier considering how the game becomes incredibly linear once you reach chapter 8 or so. Once you complete the game you have the option to return to previous areas and finish up any sidequests or other activities. The majority of these were usually simple “item requisition requests” and didn’t take too long to complete(minus the time required to travel there on foot).

Regalia Pilot

  • Flew the Regalia Type-F

Speaking of riding along in the Regalia…

Over the course of the game, you’re able to transform(upgrade?) the Regalia to different types. Type-D adds off-road capability with essentially monster truck tires and once you find the Strange Engine in one of the enemy bases, Cindy the mechanic will take your mode of transportation another step by allowing the Regalia to take to the skies with a Batwing-like form. The Regalia Pilot trophy is unlocked your first flight…which is good, considering how tricky it is to land the vehicle, failure to land safely results in your entire party being wiped out and being sent back to the last save point.

Faithful Heir

  • Collected thirteen royal arms

Throughout the main storyline Noctis will venture through a number or crypts and caves, receive one of the thirteen royal arms at the end. You pick up five of them as you play through the main story, but will need to do some sidequests and go a little further off the beaten path to find the rest of them. The final royal arm I needed – the Sword of the Tall was located at the bottom of the Costlemark Tower. The underground “tower” was definitely a test of combat skill…and patience as the lower levels of the tower are a series of movable blocks acting as walls and floors(somewhat similar to Control’s Ashtray Maze) which must be navigated in a specific order before finally reaching a Jabberwock guarding the final royal arm needed for the Faithful Heir trophy…

Tortoise Toppler

  • Defeated the adamantoise

A special quest that unlocks post-game finds Noctis and the gang investigating the area to find out what’s behind a series of recent earthquakes that have been terrifying the nearby population. Upon closer inspection, the earthquakes are being caused by the adamantoise – an enormous tortoise that is quite literally a mountain. Next up, battling the terranean terrapin…which just so happens to be Lvl 99. and have 5,000,000 HP. The battle against the adamantoise can be a lengthy one, depending on character level and equipment – I believe it took me around 40 or so minutes of hacking away before finally unlocking the Tortoise Toppler trophy. Cowabunga!

The World Wanderer

  • Collected all trophies

I did it! Another platinum trophy to add to the collection…

I had a lot of fun playing through Final Fantasy XV. I know the game has gotten a lot of hate from others since its release, but I’m glad I played through it myself to form my own opinion. I think the way it was rolled out as a live-service model, along with an abrupt shift from open-world to linear corridors about halfway through the game made for some inconsistent pacing, but had a lot of fun nonetheless. It may have not been the “traditional” FF game many gamers wanted, but there’s still elements of greatness there among those rough edges.

So, that’s another trophy run completed. There are quite a few DLC packs containing plenty of additional trophies, but I’m satisfied in what I accomplished for the time being. Another quick shoutout to Solarayo from Ace Asunder who has been playing through FFXV alongside me and posting trophy updates, it’s always interesting to check in and see where others are in-game and what trophies they tackled first.

Thanks for reading!

Trophy Hunters: Final Fantasy XV – Episode 2

Welcome back to another episode of Trophy Hunters. Several weeks ago, I wrote about another platinum quest, this time setting my sights on Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix’s most recent (non-remake)entry into the long-running series had been one I’d wanted to play for quite some time, and I’m glad I finally got around to it.

It’s been…a month(seriously?) since my previous update showing the trophies I’d managed to acquire in my first 14 or so hours of playing the game. I had only completed the game’s prologue and first two chapters of the story as I’d spent the majority of my time completing numerous side quests across the world. Prior to starting FFXV, I had heard the game started off with a more wide-open structure before becoming a straightforward, linear experience in the latter chapters of the game. In the past several weeks, I have completed the main story of the game and can honestly say that I quite enjoyed the game and ended up more attached to Noct, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto than I would have imagined. The story did become linear almost to the point of feeling rushed in some of the later chapters, as it felt like the game went from chapters lasting 60-90minutes(depending on side quests, hunting, etc.) to taking roughly 20 minutes to complete each chapter in the final act of the story. This, along with the fact Square Enix had started the game’s lifespan with the intent of it following a “live service” model, FFXV can feel a little disjointed in parts(*this perhaps being due to only playing the main game and none of the additional dlc at this time*). Minor quibbles with inconsistent pacing aside, I had a lot of fun playing the game and seeing Noctis’ journey from burdened prince to king of destiny.

After finishing up the main story, you have the option to return to previous areas of the game. After taking the rest of the night to savor the story’s finale, I traveled backwards to work towards finishing the remaining trophy requirements. In addition completing 80 side quests(I had only finished half of them by the time I reached the end credits), I still need to finish collecting all 13 royal arms as well as upgrading the Regalia to a flying machine and fighting the adamantoise, a mountain-sized turtle with 5,000,000 hp. There’s also trophies for raising the skill level for each member of the party to 10…which is looking to be a bit of a grind. A preview for the next update post, right?

Note: In an attempt to stay relatively spoiler-free, I have been simply stating the story chapters as completed and not going into much detail regarding the events contained within

Here’s the trophies I have collected in the meantime…

The Open World

  • Completed Chapter 3

Living Legend

  • Completed Chapter 4

Dark Clouds

  • Completed Chapter 5

A Way Forward

  • Completed Chapter 6

Party of Three

  • Completed Chapter 7


  • Completed Chapter 8


  • Completed Chapter 9

The Heart of a King

  • Completed Chapter 10

In the Dark

  • Completed Chapter 11

End of Days

  • Completed Chapter 12


  • Completed Chapter 13


  • Completed Chapter 14

Divine Intervention

  • Summoned one of the Six for the first time

Being a Final Fantasy game, of course there’s a summon ability. Noctis is able to summon one of the Six, or Astrals, once certain conditions have been met during a battle. A prompt will appear on the lower left side of the screen, which I don’t think I noticed into much further in the game. Either way, once you use the summon ability for the first time you are rewarded with the Divine Intervention trophy.

Chosen King

  • Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty

Another of the Astrals inhabiting the world of Eos, Ifrit is one of the Six that is not able to be summoned by Noctis during the game. Instead, the party must battle against the God of Fire shortly before the final confrontation in Chapter 14. Full disclosure, I had been playing through the majority of FFXV on easy difficulty, which became a lot more difficult in some areas than I had anticipated, but for the Chosen King trophy you must defeat Ifrit(unintended rhyme) on normal difficulty. All I needed to do was remember to switch the difficulty up a notch before the fight, which wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I was expecting given surprising difficulty curve in some of the later chapters of the game on easy.

The Power of Kings

  • Called forth the Armiger for the first time

The Armiger is essentially Noctis’ limit break in FFXV, which summons an array of royal arms and deals extra damage. It’s triggered with L1 + R1 after the Armiger gauge is filled by landing(and evading) enough attacks. Noctis is able to call forth the Armiger after collecting three of the thirteen royal arms during the main story, which unlocks the Power of Kings trophy.

Immortal Photobomb

  • Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo

Gentiana, who acts as High Messenger in aiding the Oracle, Lady Lunafreya can be captured by Prompto in a snapshot as you travel across Eos(another rhyme…). There doesn’t seem to be a particular way to unlock the Immortal Photobomb trophy as it works randomly and you won’t even notice unless you view through all of the photos taken at the end of a chapter, hence the trophy name…


  • Activated 50 ability nodes

The quickest way to the Self-Mastered trophy was to focus on the ability nodes that cost the least AP. I probably could have gotten this trophy a little bit sooner than I did if I would have remembered to take a look at the Ascension sub-menu more often. Now that I have the trophy for activating 50 of them, I can use any AP I acquire from here to put towards other skill-related ones for Noctis and Co.

Spinning a Yarn IV

  • Completed 20 sidequests

5 dozen left…

Spinning a Yarn V

  • Completed 40 sidequests

Just unlocked this one the other day, officially reaching the halfway point for the Weaving a Tapestry trophy for completing 80 sidequests. Only 40 left now….<uneasy laugh>

That’s all for now. I’m not entirely certain how long it will take to clean up the rest of the FFXV trophies, making my way through those last…40 side quests and getting those skill levels maxed out will keep me busy into August. I started the game back in May, so another week or two doesn’t sound unlikely. Until next time…thanks for reading!