Geek Out Challenge – Day 22

Day 22 of the Geek Out Challenge! Our geeky challenge question posed by Megan for today is….

Favorite fandom quote?

It was very, very difficult to decide what would be my favorite quote. I knew it would most likely come from either Doctor Who or Harry Potter. The above quote is from of my favorites from Peter Capaldi during his last moments as the Doctor. Peter Capaldi had many great speeches during his three seasons as the Doctor, but it was in his final moments before regenerating that he imparted these words of inspiration to everyone watching. A message of kindness over cruelty(and pears?) and love is always wisest path. This is one of the more memorable quotes of Peter Capaldi’s turn as the Doctor. Other favorites of mine would also be from Matt Smith or David Tennant’s “wobbly wobbly timey wimey….stuff”.

What are your some of your favorite fandom quotes? Let me know in the comments below. Until tomorrow….

Geek Out Challenge – Day 18

There’s at least one fictional character out there that we would love to meet in real life, that’s what we’re going over for Day 18 of the Geek Out Challenge. Who would your choice be to sit down and have a conversation with? Would it be someone from a book, movie, or video game? There are a few different characters that I think would be really interesting to meet, even if a lot of characters that I enjoy watching or reading about wouldn’t always mean the safest experience…

What character would you like to meet in real life? – Some of the first characters that come to mind when I think of all time favorite fan characters would be someone like Han Solo or Nathan Drake, which would inevitably end up being caught up in some kind of gunfight brave adventure which is entertaining in the fantasy realm, but dangerous and usually downright stupid in reality. So after a little bit more thought, someone I would like to meet in real life would have to be The Doctor from Doctor Who. This could be any regenerated form from William Hartnell to Christopher Eccleston to Jodie Whittaker. This may sound just as dangerous as hanging out with Han Solo or Nathan Drake, which would be true as the most common experience people have in meeting The Doctor in the show involves running away from any number of alien life forms set on your demise. What I love about The Doctor is the youthful enthusiasm and interest in everything in the universe – from something so complex only a Time Lord could comprehend, to something so mundane we don’t give a second thought in our daily lives. The Doctor is always fascinated by everything around them and has the desire to never stop learning, something I mentioned a few challenge questions ago in describing common characteristics of Ravenclaw members. I would love to meet The Doctor in real life and be able to stop running from Daleks or Cybermen long enough to sit back and absorb the wondrous complexity of the universe around us.

Who would you like to meet in real life? Let me know in the comments below. Until tomorrow…allons-y!