Gaming Omnivore Art Gallery – The Last of Us Part 2

Back in January I put together a post titled Gaming Omnivore Art Gallery(catchy, right?). It was essentially an excuse to show off some of the many, many screenshots I had taken over the several months and turned out to be a fun idea that I was relatively pleased with how it turned out. I had intended to make another blog post like it for a while. Having recently finished The Last of Us Part 2 two weeks ago and had been thinking about the game a lot recently, one of the areas where I spent plenty of time was the in-game photo mode. I believe I have somewhere between 100-200 screenshots from the game saved in the capture gallery on my Playstation 4. The previous screenshots post I took a few different screenshots, each from a different game and wrote up a short description of what thoughts or feelings the image provoked. So, for this week’s post I’ve returned with Gaming Omnivore Art Gallery – The Last of Us Part 2 edition, including few of my favorites from the game.

I love the rustic, Old West feeling of this shot as you see Ellie and Dina venture through the gate into the snowy mountains.
“Life finds a way…”
There are moments in the game where an area is shrouded in a blood-red, amplifying the violence and raw emotion.
Notice the small ray of light beaming through the dark hallway, a sense of dread also created by the trail of blood leading inside.
I appreciate the calming presence, but think of this as more of a representation of the way we view the past in our mind and not always an accurate reflection of our feelings at the time and the burdens that we were carrying.

That’s all for now, I really enjoy these and will probably do more in the future. What do you think or feel from the images? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!