Trophy Hunters: Final Fantasy XV – Episode 2

Welcome back to another episode of Trophy Hunters. Several weeks ago, I wrote about another platinum quest, this time setting my sights on Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix’s most recent (non-remake)entry into the long-running series had been one I’d wanted to play for quite some time, and I’m glad I finally got around to it.

It’s been…a month(seriously?) since my previous update showing the trophies I’d managed to acquire in my first 14 or so hours of playing the game. I had only completed the game’s prologue and first two chapters of the story as I’d spent the majority of my time completing numerous side quests across the world. Prior to starting FFXV, I had heard the game started off with a more wide-open structure before becoming a straightforward, linear experience in the latter chapters of the game. In the past several weeks, I have completed the main story of the game and can honestly say that I quite enjoyed the game and ended up more attached to Noct, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto than I would have imagined. The story did become linear almost to the point of feeling rushed in some of the later chapters, as it felt like the game went from chapters lasting 60-90minutes(depending on side quests, hunting, etc.) to taking roughly 20 minutes to complete each chapter in the final act of the story. This, along with the fact Square Enix had started the game’s lifespan with the intent of it following a “live service” model, FFXV can feel a little disjointed in parts(*this perhaps being due to only playing the main game and none of the additional dlc at this time*). Minor quibbles with inconsistent pacing aside, I had a lot of fun playing the game and seeing Noctis’ journey from burdened prince to king of destiny.

After finishing up the main story, you have the option to return to previous areas of the game. After taking the rest of the night to savor the story’s finale, I traveled backwards to work towards finishing the remaining trophy requirements. In addition completing 80 side quests(I had only finished half of them by the time I reached the end credits), I still need to finish collecting all 13 royal arms as well as upgrading the Regalia to a flying machine and fighting the adamantoise, a mountain-sized turtle with 5,000,000 hp. There’s also trophies for raising the skill level for each member of the party to 10…which is looking to be a bit of a grind. A preview for the next update post, right?

Note: In an attempt to stay relatively spoiler-free, I have been simply stating the story chapters as completed and not going into much detail regarding the events contained within

Here’s the trophies I have collected in the meantime…

The Open World

  • Completed Chapter 3

Living Legend

  • Completed Chapter 4

Dark Clouds

  • Completed Chapter 5

A Way Forward

  • Completed Chapter 6

Party of Three

  • Completed Chapter 7


  • Completed Chapter 8


  • Completed Chapter 9

The Heart of a King

  • Completed Chapter 10

In the Dark

  • Completed Chapter 11

End of Days

  • Completed Chapter 12


  • Completed Chapter 13


  • Completed Chapter 14

Divine Intervention

  • Summoned one of the Six for the first time

Being a Final Fantasy game, of course there’s a summon ability. Noctis is able to summon one of the Six, or Astrals, once certain conditions have been met during a battle. A prompt will appear on the lower left side of the screen, which I don’t think I noticed into much further in the game. Either way, once you use the summon ability for the first time you are rewarded with the Divine Intervention trophy.

Chosen King

  • Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty

Another of the Astrals inhabiting the world of Eos, Ifrit is one of the Six that is not able to be summoned by Noctis during the game. Instead, the party must battle against the God of Fire shortly before the final confrontation in Chapter 14. Full disclosure, I had been playing through the majority of FFXV on easy difficulty, which became a lot more difficult in some areas than I had anticipated, but for the Chosen King trophy you must defeat Ifrit(unintended rhyme) on normal difficulty. All I needed to do was remember to switch the difficulty up a notch before the fight, which wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I was expecting given surprising difficulty curve in some of the later chapters of the game on easy.

The Power of Kings

  • Called forth the Armiger for the first time

The Armiger is essentially Noctis’ limit break in FFXV, which summons an array of royal arms and deals extra damage. It’s triggered with L1 + R1 after the Armiger gauge is filled by landing(and evading) enough attacks. Noctis is able to call forth the Armiger after collecting three of the thirteen royal arms during the main story, which unlocks the Power of Kings trophy.

Immortal Photobomb

  • Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo

Gentiana, who acts as High Messenger in aiding the Oracle, Lady Lunafreya can be captured by Prompto in a snapshot as you travel across Eos(another rhyme…). There doesn’t seem to be a particular way to unlock the Immortal Photobomb trophy as it works randomly and you won’t even notice unless you view through all of the photos taken at the end of a chapter, hence the trophy name…


  • Activated 50 ability nodes

The quickest way to the Self-Mastered trophy was to focus on the ability nodes that cost the least AP. I probably could have gotten this trophy a little bit sooner than I did if I would have remembered to take a look at the Ascension sub-menu more often. Now that I have the trophy for activating 50 of them, I can use any AP I acquire from here to put towards other skill-related ones for Noctis and Co.

Spinning a Yarn IV

  • Completed 20 sidequests

5 dozen left…

Spinning a Yarn V

  • Completed 40 sidequests

Just unlocked this one the other day, officially reaching the halfway point for the Weaving a Tapestry trophy for completing 80 sidequests. Only 40 left now….<uneasy laugh>

That’s all for now. I’m not entirely certain how long it will take to clean up the rest of the FFXV trophies, making my way through those last…40 side quests and getting those skill levels maxed out will keep me busy into August. I started the game back in May, so another week or two doesn’t sound unlikely. Until next time…thanks for reading!

Trophy Hunters – Final Fantasy XV

Welcome back! It’s time for another platinum trophy expedition! Last August I wrote up…well, began writing a series of posts/updates as I played through Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate with the goal being another platinum trophy to add to the collection(full disclosure: there aren’t that many). My idea for the series of posts was something akin to a book club where myself, and any other willing participants would agree on a particular game and document their time through the game and all the trophies/achievements. It began simply out of curiosity as to whether or not those who do any sort of trophy/achievement hunting approach it the same way or how much it differs from person to person.

The experience of collecting trophies in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate proved quite enjoyable and I knew pretty quickly this was something I wanted to try again. As with the AC: Syndicate trophy quest, friend of the blog – Solarayo from Ace Asunder has accepted another challenge and will be joining in the fun. She is a far more experienced trophy hunter than I am, as well as being much more efficient in writing update posts as her post containing her initial batch of trophies was published last weekend(go check it out), despite my having a three week head start on the game. So, anyways…here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far…

The main story of Final Fantasy XV centers on around Noctis, royal prince of the the Kingdom of Lucis. He and his entourage of friends – Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis, are set to travel across the nations of Eos to meet with his fiancée, Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. The royal marriage is arranged as a means to secure peace between the two kingdoms, but, shortly after Prince Noctis’ departure, the capital city of Insomnia is attacked by the Kingdom of Nifleheim. Noctis’ father, King Regis is killed and Lucis’ Crystal is stolen during the invasion, along with Noctis and Lunafreya being listed among the deceased. The prince then sets out on a mission to reunite with his fiancée and to avenge his Kingdom, aided by his loyal companions.

This, of course, takes place after the game’s prologue…

Insomnia’s Waking Nightmare

  • Completed the Prologue

The game begins with Noctis and company broken down along a desolate highway. Their ride, the Regalia is in need of repairs and no one in the party possesses suitable mechanical knowledge. Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis, and husband-to-be, Prince Noctis begin pushing the royal carriage(nope, it’s a car) to the nearest service station. Once they start rolling down the highway, a cover version of “Stand By Me” by Florence + the Machine fades into the audio mix as the camera slowly zooms out to show the lonely highway extending into the horizon before the Final Fantasy XV logo appears onscreen.

Pretty cool. Not the opening I’d have anticipated for a Final Fantasy game, but I’m intrigued so far…


  • Completed Chapter 1

No Turning Back

  • Completed Chapter 2

Learner’s Permit

  • Drove the Regalia

Before venturing off on their road trip, the boys are given the keys to the Regalia – the Kingdom of Lucis’ royal luxury sedan, which serves as your primary mode of transporation throughout the game. The driving feels a little restrictive and not quite as fluid as other open-world games, but still handles better than the Mako or a Warthog….not a high bar, but still…

Chocobo Jockey

  • Rode a Chocobo

Of course, the Regalia isn’t the only way to travel. The group makes a slight detour from their destination and visits a chocobo park.

Quadruple Threat

  • Equipped a fourth weapon slot

New Power

  • Learned first ability

Skill trees are nothing new to Final Fantasy games. FFXV features the Ascension grid which contains abilities across nine categories(trees) – Armiger, Magic, Recovery, Techniques, Combat, Teamwork, Stats, Exploration, Wait Mode. The New Power trophy is unlocked simply by spending your acquired AP(ability points) on any upgrade.


  • Activated 20 ability nodes

Angling Rookie

  • Improved fishing level for the first time

Each member of the party has a specific skill – Survival, Photography, Cooking, or Fishing, with the latter belonging to Prince Noctis. As you make your way across the world, there’s many areas to take a few moments and relax with a fishing mini-game(always fun, right?). The mechanics took a little getting used to, but angling became pretty easy after a couple tries. The Angling Rookie trophy is unlocked for raising Noctis’ fishing level for the first time.

Survival Rookie

  • Improved survival level for the first time

Buff, tattooed Gladiolus is responsible for overseeing the group’s various campsites, as well as occasional training for the young prince. The Survival skill provides Gladiolus the ability to pick up useful items at the end of every battle. The skill is raised by traveling on foot, which means eventually reaching Survival Level 10 for a later trophy will require a significant amount of hiking…

Photo Rookie

  • Improved photography level for the first time

Prompto takes a multitude of pictures during the group’s many battles and other random moments as you travel across Eos. Every time you stop to rest at a camp or inn, you can see all the different photos taken, with an option to save your favorites to your game file. I unlocked his Snapshot ability early on and have been trying to remember and use it frequently to save on post-game grinding to get the Photography skill to level 10.

Cooking Rookie

  • Improved cooking level for the first time

Ignis is the group’s chef and chauffer(during the daytime hours, anyways). The more you cook, the more your skill level increases. As you progress through the game and gather different items, Ignis will occasionally(or frequently) exclaim “I’ve done it! I’ve come up with another recipe”.

Just Hangin’ Around

  • Performed the first point-warp suspension

Many elevated structures and objects across the world of Eos will allow Noctis to perform a point-warp, which gives you a brief moment to pull back from a heated battle to recover a bit of hp or simply get a better vantage point over the area. An early boss battle in FFXV will require you to know where your point-warp areas are and use them to avoid defeat…


  • Issued first ally command

The other three members of Noctis’ traveling bro party – Gladiolus, Ignis & Prompto, each have different skills to use once the technique meter reaches a particular level. Prompto, for example, I made sure to spend the AP on his Snapshot technique to use once nearly every combat encounter to aid in reaching Level 10 for the Photography skill.

Blind Spot

  • Performed first blindside link

The combat links in FFXV are multi-character attack combos that can be “linked” together after parrying an enemy attack or by initiating an attack from behind an enemy, called a blindside link.

Noct You Like a Hurricane

  • Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack

Love those puns for trophy names…

Magical Worker

  • Crafted a spell for the first time

Rather than pre-set magic spells, in Final Fantasy XV you can come with up your own magical concoction by combining fire, ice, or lightning elementals. These can also be altered from throwing certain items into the mix later in the game.

Black Mage

  • Used magic for the first time

I got this trophy quite a few hours into the game. I kept forgetting Noctis can even equip and use magic spells…

Hight Five for Justice!

  • Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time

Pinball! Sweet….

Spinning a Yarn I

  • Completed first sidequest

Like nearly any other JRPG, FFXV has an abundance of side quests to be completed. Most of these(so far) have been pretty basic fetch que….uh, item requisition missions in which you follow your marker on the map to specified location to grab an item or speak with someone and then return to the quest-giver. There’s a total of 6 trophies for completing side missions in FFXV, with the final one being unlocked after seeing your way through 80 of them. The silver lining here is that most of them(so far, at least…) haven’t required me to go too far off the beaten path to complete and I’ve been trying to go on foot to any marker under a half mile away as to keep steadily progressing Gladiolus’ Survival skill, which was a recommended strategy to avoid to much post-game grinding…

Spinning a Yarn II

  • Completed 5 sidequests

Only 75 left to go…

Spinning a Yarn III

  • Completed 10 sidequests

Only 70 left…

My First Hunt

  • Completed first hunt

As you make your way across Eos, it seems like every other person you talk to has a hunting quest for you to track down and exterminate. Most of these beasts have been causing problems around the area, while others are simply requested for their resources to cook or craft items. Much of the monster hunter-ing can only be completed at night due to the targets being nocturnal, meaning Noctis and company are more at risk of being attacked by even bigger and more ferocious creatures that only come out at night. There’s only one trophy to be unlocked for the hunting quests and they don’t count towards the side quest trophies, so I intend to hold off on too many hunting trips unless needed for some late-game level or skill grinding…

At the time of posting this, I’m sitting at 34% of the total trophies in Final Fantasy XV. I think I’ve got a pretty good start on this. The majority of my time so far has been spent running around the area working on side quests and some overall level and skill building. I’d heard FFXV starts off pretty wide open in areas to explore and missions to accomplish, but begins to narrow itself into a little more of a linear experience as it progresses, so I’ll hopefully not have to worry about being under-leveled or anything like that later in the game. I’m really enjoying the game so far and looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. Until next time…

Thanks for reading!