Blogtober 2020 – The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Of all of my usual October/Halloween activities and traditions, going through and watching episodes of The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror is probably the one that I will do every. single. year(I also do this. The very first Treehouse of Horror episode premiered back in 1990 while the show was in only its second season … Continue reading Blogtober 2020 – The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Sunshine Blogger Award – Part 3

Another award! Today, I'm getting caught up with an overdue nomination by Frostilyte for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you for the nomination! I strongly encourage anyone who isn't already following Frosti's blog site to do so, he always has something thoughtful to say about the games he's writing about. Frostilyte also streams every Friday … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award – Part 3