Weekend Gaming Review – February Pickups

It's show-and-tell time again! I had kind of a short weekend and didn't get to spend much time playing games, but got some time looking through a few stores and talking about games. I actually ventured outside and stopped by my local used game store to check out the selection as well as the nearby … Continue reading Weekend Gaming Review – February Pickups

Underappreciated Games – Nintendo Wii

Due to the vast expanse of games to choose from in nearly any gaming console, there's unfortunately, always going to be games that get overlooked and/or neglected. I was recently thinking about the Wii and for what a successful console it was for Nintendo in terms of sales, and yet it seems it's large library … Continue reading Underappreciated Games – Nintendo Wii

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – DK Adventure

The Game I purchased Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle back in 2017, as a discounted Black Friday pickup. I thoroughly enjoyed the Ubisoft's odd concoction of Mario characters, turn-based strategy and Rabbids, so I was intrigued to hear Ubisoft was releasing a DLC expansion featuring Donkey Kong. DK Adventure was released on June 26, 2018 … Continue reading Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – DK Adventure