Omnivore Update – April 2022

Greetings! It’s nearing the end of April and spring is here, at least according to the calendar and not the weather forecast. I’ve been attempting to write up a monthly(?) post simply going over what I’ve been playing lately and any other random thoughts I happen to have at the moment. I honestly haven’t been up to much the past couple months and have had trouble keeping any sort of consistent schedule – blogging, streaming, sleeping, etc. so, here’s a short update post to get back in the swing of things and miraculously raise my long-lost ambition from the dead…maybe?

Here’s what I’ve been playing lately…

Elden Ring

After finishing up Horizon: Forbidden West three weeks ago, I immediately jumped into playing Elden Ring and it’s pretty much dominated my entire life since. I don’t recall the last time a game captured everyone’s attention like this, gamer or not -Fortnite? Breath of the Wild? Skyrim? I was playing Returnal pretty obsessively this past fall, so being completely enamored by a game like Elden Ring feels familiar enough. Hell, even when I’m not PLAYING Elden Ring, I’m still doing research for my next play session after work or amusing myself with the endless amount of memes and gameplay clips across the internet.

I….honestly don’t know where I’d even begin writing about my experience with Elden Ring so far. The scope of the game is massive and so densely-layered with things to do, as well as piecing together the lore behind the lone Tarnished’s quest across the Lands Between to restore the Elden Ring. I’ve put some 90+ hours into the game and I believe I’m only about 2/3 of the way through as there’s something around nearly every corner of the sprawling map.

For as non-stop as the discussion has been around Elden Ring the past 3 years 7 weeks(for better or worse), it still doesn’t feel like everything to love about the game has been articulated completely. Gameplay, setting, story – everything feels like a natural evolution of what made From Software titles so great this last decade or so. It’s pretty rare that games live up to the hype around them, especially the absurdly high reaches of Elden Ring hype, but I believe Hidetaka Miyazaki and From Software have managed to do just that.

That’s pretty much it for now…what all games has everyone been playing lately or what are you planning on playing next?

Praise The Message and thanks for reading!

Author: Gaming Omnivore

Just a guy who loves video games, drinks way too much coffee and can recite way too many Simpsons episodes...

6 thoughts on “Omnivore Update – April 2022”

    1. It’s pretty great, definitely interesting! I don’t recall any other game where I can go running away from – giant, monster hand/spider…things, sniper lobsters and mages wearing Burger King masks all within 5 minutes.


  1. I think I just hit 85 hours with the game, and I still feel like I’m nowhere near finished, haha. I keep finding new things – the size of the map and amount of stuff to explore is kind of nuts. I’m not gonna know what to do with my life anymore when I finally beat the game 😦

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    1. Yeah, almost overwhelmingly so…

      I’m already anticipating something similar to last fall when I finished everything in Returnal, then hit a bit of a slump as I looked around and went “alright….now what?”.

      I have somewhat begun (over)thinking about what I’d like to play next. Pretty certain after going back to back to back with big open world games – Cyberpunk, Horizon, Elden Ring, I could play something more linear and concise…maybe the new Kirby game?

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