Gaming Omnivore Art Gallery – Cyberpunk 2077

Welcome to another edition of Gaming Omnivore Art Gallery! It’s been nearly a year since my last Art Gallery post sharing some of my favorite moments from Ghost of Tsushima. For today’s tour, I’ve included a batch of screenshots from Cyberpunk 2077. I was just one of many that pre-ordered the game before its December 2020 launch, which clearly did not go the way CD Projekt Red had likely hoped. The game still felt a little rough around the edges, despite not encountering the consistency and severity of issues that many others did. After playing the game for just short of 6 hours – not even long enough to see the title screen, I set it aside for the time being. This was primarily due to the fact I was still playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, another game requiring a generous time investment.

I had been wanting to go back and play the game, but was holding out to see just when the PlayStation 5 version was going to be finally released. A little over a month ago Patch 1.5 was released, which included a laundry list of improvements/fixes, along with the next-gen console updates. The estimated delivery for my copy of Horizon: Forbidden West had been delayed by about a week, so I decided to take a detour through Night City. The game currently in its current state feels like significant improvement over the version of the game rolled out at launch and much closer to what CD Projekt Red had initially advertised.

I became quickly invested in V’s story as a mercenary on the streets of Night City as it touched on themes such as love, friendship, one’s legacy, and wrestling with mortality. By the time I finished up the game(including all endings) this weekend, I had spent 80 hours since beginning just a matter of weeks ago and I do not regret it at all…

The star of Cyberpunk 2077 that shines brightest is Night City. The scale and complexity of the city itself felt nothing short of impressive, ranging from sprawling marketplaces and residential areas to vast industrial parks and shipyards to towering corporate plazas. I found myself frequently stopping to take in the sights as I ventured around, as well as outside the city. Night City exudes an almost romantic allure when viewed from the outside, but the reality is anything but for the majority of its inhabitants – very much a place where dreams can be fulfilled, but never without a cost…

A reminder of the stark contrast between the luxury high-rise buildings, depicted as a symbol of Night City and everyday life for the rest
City of dreams or beacon of false hope?
I love how this seems to capture the feeling of darkness and desolation, which makes that small spark of hope shine through so notably
The low-key moments with Johnny Silverhand in between jobs often felt the most poignant. He began as the egotistical asshole who you couldn’t wait to rid yourself of, only to develop a friendship and understanding with. By the end of your journey, you’ve both influenced the other and the idea of parting ways feels bittersweet.
Goodbye V, and never stop fighting”
A glimpse of Night City in the morning from an outskirts overlook. One of my favorite shots.

This concludes today’s tour. I really enjoy writing these and being able to share some of the feelings evoked while looking these screenshots. Thanks for reading!

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