Trophy Hunters – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Episode 3

It’s been over a week since my last update on my mission for the platinum trophy in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I’d like to say that I have accomplished more than I have, but I spent a fair amount of time wrapping up trophies related to collectibles, fight clubs and street races more so than doing the main story sequences. I’m currently in the middle of Sequence 7 and only have a couple more left after this, including the World War I Sequence 9 which I need to finish before I can get the trophies for synchronizing all the viewpoints in the game as well as reaching level 1 loyalty with all Associates(Cheers, Mr. Churchill!).

I also spent some time the past week putting the (not-so-)extra effort of running into any destructible item I can find on the streets while driving a carriage. I’m not entirely sure how far away I am from destroying 5000 objects, but I’m hoping to avoid the end-game mop up where I just make my way around London running over every street lamp and tree in sight for an hour.

Another trophy I spent a while working on grinding towards was the ‘No Ticket’ trophy which is unlocked after kicking 50(yes, FIFTY) enemies from a train car. I replayed the beginning of Sequence 2 for a while to keep farming some train-kicks; I haven’t completed it yet, but I’m hoping to have this at least close to finished by the time I’m done with the main story.

I’ve mentioned previously that Syndicate seems very set on keeping me from completing my trophy hunt as quickly as I’d like as I’m still encountering a great deal of glitches and some game freezing/crashing. I was also very unlucky to have the ‘Godlike’ trophy glitch on me and refuses to appear on my PSN profile, despite completing every Secret of London as required. I still very much like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, but I have the suspicion that feeling is not being reciprocated by the game itself. Anyways…here are the trophies that I managed to complete since my last update, the first several are pretty self-explanatory.

The Perils of Business

  • Complete Sequence 5

A Run on the Bank

  • Complete Sequence 6


  • Sample every beer brand in London

Language of Flowers

  • Collect all of the Pressed Flowers

Student of History

  • Collect all of the Historical Posters

A Life in Letters

  • Collect all of the Royal Letters
“what? a letter…for me?”

Bare-knuckle Champion

  • Win three different Fight Clubs

Mr. Robert Topping clearly doesn’t know the first rule of Fight Club as he can be found in various locations around London shouting to anyone who will listen about opportunities to earn some extra money in fights both above and below ground. The fight clubs serve as the challenge arenas in the game where you can earn some xp and extra cash, as well as the ‘Bare-knuckle Champion’ trophy for winning three separate fights.

A Quarter-Furlong at a Time

  • Finish first in three different Street Races

Mr. Topping’s other side gig includes managing a series of carriage races throughout the city. For the ‘A Quarter-Furlong at a Time’ you simply need to finish first in three separate street races. I didn’t have too much trouble with this one, it was just a matter of finally speaking with Robert to unlock the locations…

Treasure Hunter

  • Complete ten Raids of any type with Jacob or Evie

Once you speak with Ned Wynert you will notice a number of different raids available on the map. These typically involving re-directing Blighter cargo and supplies to your own safehouse. The ‘Treasure Hunter’ trophy requires you to complete ten of these events with either Jacob or Evie. I thought the boat raids on the Thames were especially fun…

Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise

  • Reach maximum loyalty with any Associate

In Syndicate, you have a number of different Associates – Henry Green, Clara O’Dea, Frederick Abberline, etc. – completing a task for any Associate will strengthen your loyalty meter. For example, the Child Liberation activities will raise your loyalty with Clara and the Bounty Hunts will increase your loyalty with Mr. Abberline. As I’ve completed nearly every activity in London, I have a maximum loyalty with just about every Associate. I still haven’t reached Sequence 9 which is set during World War I, in which you work with a new Associate – Winston Churchill. Upon completing that, this will unlock the ‘A Broad Base’ trophy for reaching Level 1 loyalty with every Associate.

Street Sweeping

  • Conquer all the boroughs of London

It took a little while, but I was able to get the ‘Street Sweeping’ trophy for clearing the Blighters from all seven London boroughs – Whitechapel, Lambeth, Thames River, City of London, Southwark, The Strand, and Westminster. Upon completing all the activities and fighting the final gang battle in each borough I unlocked the ‘Street Sweeping’ trophy.


  • Acquire ten Perks

This trophy requirement confused me a little bit at first, as I had been thinking that Perks were simply the Skills that you unlock with points acquired from leveling up and completing missions. The Perks in Syndicate are more like a set of challenges within the game, such as performing 40 double-kills or getting 50 headshots while free aiming. Each challenge completed will grant you another “Perk” such as increased damage or health regeneration. The ‘Multitalented’ trophy asks you to acquire ten different perks as you make your way through the game.

Keys to the City

  • Acquire all of the Gang Upgrades

The ‘Keys to the City’ trophy sounded a little more daunting than it turned out. Acquiring all of the gang upgrades does take a very sizable amount of money, but I was (thankfully)reminded that all of the chests scattered around London contain anywhere from £200-800. I also invested much of this early on in the different “business ventures” which allow you to collect a greater amount of money in your train vault every 30 minutes.

Wonder of the Age

  • Reach Level 10

Thanks to the extra time spent grinding out xp and collectibles I was able to reach Level 10 by the time I reached Sequence 5. It’s been a bit of a cakewalk since then as most enemies are only level 5-7 and only take one or two hits to eliminate.


  • Craft a Level 10 item

The ‘Artisan’ trophy is as simple as having enough money on hand after reaching Level 10 with Jacob or Evie. Press X to craft. Done.


  • Unlock all of the Secrets of London

As you progress through London, you will come across a series of music boxes, each containing an Assassins token(?) which you can bring to the hidden Reuge’s Vault and insert into a machine that will unlock the special Aegis outfit upon finding all of the Secrets of London. You can keep track of all your progress through the game’s menus as you can see which Secrets you have collected, however I encountered a glitch that SHOULD HAVE given me Secret #15 when I first entered Reuge’s Vault. I was rather disappointed when I unlocked the Aegis Outfit(pictured below for evidence) but never received the ‘Godlike’ trophy. After doing a little research, this seems to be a somewhat common issue others have had with the game(spectacular!). I WILL complete everything required for the platinum trophy…I just won’t actually GET the platinum trophy, hence the asterisk next to it….

That’s all for now, perhaps by the next update I will be victorious in completing the game and/or platinum trophy?

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