Trophy Hunters – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Episode 2

There’s not too much for a progress update as I make my way through Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I played the game for only a few more hours over the past 12 or so days since my initial post describing my quest for a platinum trophy. Outside of a couple more instances of the game crashing on my PS4, I’ve really been having a lot of fun playing Syndicate. It’s been a nice game to kick back and play for a while at night. There’s something I’ve always found relaxing about open-world games where I can choose to follow the main storyline quests or if I’d like, I can simply run around completing side missions and picking up all the assorted collectibles. I’m currently working my way through Sequence 5 of the main story, which is roughly halfway through(I think?). I did also play Syndicate some more this morning, so I have managed to pick up seven new trophies since my last update…

Bartitsu – Learn every Fight Skills as Jacob

The skill trees for Jacob and Evie are divided into three categories: Combat, Stealth, and Ecosystem. Combat and stealth are pretty self-explanatory as they upgrade your…<spoilers>…combat and stealth attributes, with the Ecosystem category allowing you to upgrade things like the range of your Eagle Vision or damage taken while using carriages. The Bartitsu trophy for Jacob isn’t too difficult as long as you focus most of your acquired skill points there.

Phantom – Learn every Stealth Skill as Evie

Same as Jacob, only with stealth skills instead of combat. I’ve spent more time playing as Evie than Jacob so I believe I have roughly 85% of the overall skills unlocked.

Flawless Conqueror – Secure three Gang Strongholds and complete their optional constraints

This was probably one of the tougher trophies I’ve gotten yet, as most of the optional constraints like remaining undetected or finding and burning Blighter plans typically end up failed. I’ve found out that NOT having any Rook accomplices recruited while I conquer the gang strongholds makes for a lot easier time completing additional requirements. I have completed quite a few strongholds, but it took this long to finish only three of them and get the Flawless Conqueror trophy.

Ordinary Criminal – Complete twenty Crowd Events

Similarly to most open-world type games, there are random crowd events that you can interact with throught your time in the game. In Syndicate, there’s criminals and thieves to stop, bullies to scare off, and Blighter messengers to stealth kill. The Ordinary Criminal trophy requires you to complete ten of these; another relatively easy to get trophy I completed the other night.

Guardian Angel – Successfully escort ten friendly cargo shipments

I met up with Ned Wynert, another associate who tasks you to escort friendly shipments, as well as hijacking Blighter cargo around London. You unlock the Guardian Angel trophy for successfully ferrying shipments back to the unloading area. Riding along and protecting the cargo carriages also provides an excuse to practice quick-firing with my new gold revolver I unlocked…

Look Out Below – Kill three enemies with a single stack of hanging barrels

I had been working on this one for a little while, managing to take out three enemies at a time with hanging barrels is one of those trophies that seems to take just a touch of luck. Luckily for me, I noticed some overhanging barrels while doing the gattling gun mission on the train and took out a small group of enemies.

Furious – Destroy twenty vehicles by ramming them

This one wasn’t too difficult, especially while going for the Guardian Angel trophy. Every time you begin escorting a shipment towards the destination, you will quickly encounter a number of enemies trying to run you off the road. This makes for ample opportunities to destroy stuff…

Until next time….thanks for reading!

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