Geek Out Challenge – Day 27

It is Day 27 of the Geek Out Challenge true believers, and our topic du jour is superheroes! Whether being exposed to gamma rays, taken super soldier serums, or simply able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, superheroes have permeated our culture and everyday lives much like that of the gods and monsters of Greek or Egyptian mythology. The majority of our best known superheroes began in comic books, but as of the last couple decades these characters have become better known from the movies and tv shows based on the source material and are still some of our most beloved characters.

Favorite superhero?

My choice of favorite superhero would have to be either Batman or Spider-Man, not real unique choices, but have been a significant part of my life nonetheless. If I had to decide one JUST one I would probably lean towards Spider-Man. A superhero’s alter ego(i.e. Peter Parker or Bruce Wayen) is what gives a character any level of depth and establishes a connection between the reader/viewer and the character. Peter Parker resonates with many people in how he is just another geeky teenager before being bitten by a radioactive spider; he has the same worries and insecurities as anyone, gaining his spider-powers along the way only adds to the responsibilities piled upon him. I have always been drawn to how Peter Parker has such a strong desire to help others and do the right thing, even though he initially feels responsibility for no one other than himself. We all know the origin story – Peter’s Uncle Ben is murdered by the very same person he witnessed robbing the wrestling promoter who had just cheated him some money, pushing Peter to devote his life to using his powers to help others – “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

Peter Parker has always been interesting in how life beats him down routinely, but still never gives up and is constantly striving to be better. I’ve always found this aspect to be inspirational as he demonstrates an incredible amount of determination, responsibility and overall faith in the good of humanity, the kind of things I don’t always feel I personally have in great supply…

That’s all for now, who’s your favorite superhero? Let me know in the comments below. There’s only a few days of the Geek Out Challenge left, let’s keep the momentum going!


Author: Gaming Omnivore

Just a guy who loves video games, drinks way too much coffee and can recite way too many Simpsons episodes...

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